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10 years of Valtra Unlimited – simple solutions tailored to specific needs


In 2023, the Valtra Unlimited Studio is going to celebrate 10 years of its presence in the market. Valtra opened the Unlimited studio in 2013, wishing to offer its customers an option for ordering individually selected, specialist and non-agricultural equipment that is not available in serial production of tractors.

Valtra Unlimited services immediately became popular among farmers and customers from other than agricultural sectors, not only in Finland, but also abroad. Currently, over one third of the tractors manufactured in Suolahti are equipped with non-standard solutions from the Valtra Unlimited studio.

The Unlimited studio offers comprehensive services of non-standard equipment installation in Valtra tractors, to increase productivity and operator’s comfort. Such solutions include, for example, CTIS, a central tyre inflation system, which increases the tyre grip, reduces soil compaction, and reduces fuel consumption during driving over hard-surface roads, when the tyre rolling resistance should be lower. Many purchases of Valtra tractors use the services of Valtra Unlimited to emphasise their preferences or order painting and paint schemes for tractors in colours and styles specific for their fleet. One of the examples here is a municipal enterprise from France, which for many years have been ordering numerous Valtra tractors with their own colour scheme of the body  and specialist tools for municipal works, e.g., Noremat reach mower, a front compressed air port, and curved LED lighting strips.

‘The success of Valtra Unlimited results from the fact that the studio always focuses on needs of its customers. Valtra representatives strive to thoroughly learn the needs of buyers, and create the best solutions for every customer in cooperation with the studio. Thus, Valtra Unlimited customers can count on receiving a tractor that perfectly suits their requirements, whether it is used for agricultural, municipal, or road or airport maintenance works, or even in armed forces’, says Petri Loukiala, Operations Manager at Valtra Unlimited.

The studio is located at Valtra’s production plant in Suolahti, Finland. This way, all special orders handled by specialists from the Unlimited studio are created under an original warranty of the tractors’ manufacturer. Valtra Unlimited closely cooperates with selected customers, so we can offer equipment tailored to their needs and Valtra tractors of truly universal capabilities. During last 10 years, the Unlimited studio has performed orders for customised equipment placed by customers from all over the world – Unlimited options have already been installed in over 15,000 tractors.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its operations in 2023, Valtra Unlimited plans to offer two packages of special accessories for tractors from N and T series (Versu and Direct), as well as for a completely new Q series. They were already presented at the SIMA fair in Paris in November 2022.

In 2023, remember to regularly visit Valtra website and social media accounts, containing updates on celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the studio, stories of Valtra Unlimited customers from last 10 years, and information about future plans for Valtra Unlimited.