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90 years of Fuchs Oil Corporation


Introduction: FUCHS Oil Corporation has been providing proven solutions and innovations for 90 years. Over the decades, thanks to continuous development, it provides the best solutions for a wide range of devices, transmissions and vehicles. 90 years of work has allowed FUCHS Oil Corporation to expand internationally and provide products of the highest quality. In the agricultural market, FUCHS products are known mainly for the AGRIFARM line products.

The history of the organization started in 1921, when Rudolf Fuchs in Mannheim, despite the global economic crisis, began his activity.
The first product he sold was “Guaranteed Pennsylvania Motor Oil” under the Penna Pura brand, which was delivered to shipping companies in the Mannheim port.
The founder’s activity began to gain a rapid pace and after less than 20 years he managed to build the first headquarters of the company at Friesenheimer Insel, where to this day one of the company’s headquarters is located.
The growing crisis during the Second World War forced the company to choose a new target group. Despite the lack of staff, Rudolf Fuchs reorganized the company and focused on the industrial sector by supplying it with a lubricant that was not produced anywhere else.
With the idea of continuous development and improvement, the first chemist was hired to take care of the development of lubricants.
Currently, the research and technological process is not in the hands of one person, and is dealt with by over 500 engineers from around the world.
A few years after the end of World War II, Fuchs became a sponsor of motorsports and racing. Reputable drivers used Penna Pura RC racing oil back then.
The year 1963 was a breakthrough for the company’s further activity. The founder of Fuchs has given way to his son, Manfred Fuchs, who has set the goal of globalizing the company.
Thus, the 1960s marked the beginning of operations outside Germany. New branches were established, incl. in France, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Italy and even in China.
Today, Fuchs Oil Corporarion operates in over 50 countries around the world.
The 1980s were the time when the organization entered the stock exchange. Shareholders increased their entrusted capital by almost 9,000 percent over the past 20 years.
In the new millennium, the founder’s son, Fuchs, stepped down to give way for a new generation. He left the board of directors and appointed his son to take his place. Stefan Fuchs, a company management graduate, previously worked for 3 years in the Fuchs audit division in North and South America.
With a view to sustainable development, in 2016 FUCHS launched the largest investment program in the history of the company, which assumed the allocation of several hundred million euros for the expansion and construction of new production plants around the world.
In 2018, to face new challenges, such as e-mobility, new digital business models or the need for sustainable business the organization introduces the FUCHS2025 initiative. It focuses on culture, strategy and structure. Its main goal is to build on strengths and to adjust the organization globally to changing conditions.
Actions taken as part of this initiative are to provide even better solutions for customers, business partners, investors and future employees.