After a one-year break, this time the annual meeting of the CLIMMAR organization was organized.

It was not a congress like every year. More like an internal meeting, shorter than usual, with a slightly smaller group and no guests from outside the organization. Most importantly, however, it was possible to meet and discuss the most important issues related to the functioning of CLIMMAR. This time, apart from presentation of reports on the market situation in individual countries and the presentation of the DSI survey report (dealer satisfaction index) and the industry report, important decisions were made regarding the future of CLIMMAR. First of all, changes in the statute of the organization were voted on, which will primarily affect the future elections of CLIMMAR’s authorities. Moreover, it was decided to register the organization in Brussels according to Belgian law and to organize a permanent secretariat. These changes will take place next year. Probably the spring meeting will not be held in Gdańsk, as previously planned, but in Brussels in the new headquarters. This is a very important change, the more that the issues related to lobbying are becoming more and more important in the current activities of CLIMMAR, and it is in Brussels that the issue of establishing new European regulations is the most happening.