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Easy Care – Manitou Group’s new service package


At the beginning of 2021, we added a new service package – Easy Care to the portfolio of services offered by Manitou Group. What it is, what it consists of and why it is worth investing in it will be told by the Manager of the agricultural market of Manitou Polska – Wojciech Mańkiewicz.

Easy Care is a response to what customers from the agricultural machinery market expected. It is a “harvester” of all services and facilities necessary for the operation of the machine, such as warranty extension and online machine supervision system, combined with a tailored financing offer.

The Polish market has shown a noticeable trend in the care of equipment and its value in recent years. Our customers increasingly want their machine not only to serve them well, but also to have the greatest possible resale value. Therefore, they overhaul their loaders with original parts more often, take care of regular inspections, protect machines from theft and monitor their condition on a daily basis. As a result, they achieve extremely low TCO – i.e. the total cost of ownership of the machine. Due to the extended warranty, they enjoy the optimal operation of their machine for much longer, which affects its performance and extends its service life.

The package also includes the Connected Machines system, which not only allows you to keep track of many parameters of the machine’s operation, but also guarantees an additional year of warranty for free. Connected machines allow you to check how many hours the loader has worked, with what fuel consumption and in what terrain. In addition, you can set any work zone – in which its operator must move and other data related to the operation of the machine. Connected Machines will allow you to enter the agriculture of the 21st and maybe even the 22nd century.

Customized financial solutions offered by Manitou Finance allow our clients to accurately plan their investments. It is a very flexible offer, where the customer has great opportunities in terms of the number of instalments, the amount of own contribution, currency, etc. You decide how long you want to pay off the machine – and our specialists from the Manitou Finance department will make every effort to ensure that you receive a positive loan decision.

All 3 services included in the Easy Care program are a measure to the goal of lowering your TCO. Thanks to flexible financing – you will be able to afford the machine and accessories optimal for your needs, and not the size of your wallet. Thanks to the extended warranty, your machine will stay in top condition much longer without losing any value. By using the Connected Machines application – you keep your finger on the pulse, knowing exactly what is happening with the machine and how to make every zloty invested in its purchase bring the greatest profit. From my experience, I can only say – that when visiting customers who purchased the Easy Care package (or individual services from this package before it was introduced), we received a very positive evaluation of the results it brought to their business or farm.

Many questions must have come to your mind, so in order to have a better contact with you, we have created Easy Care Team – a team that will quickly and efficiently answer all your questions about this service package and offer an optimal solution . In the near future, we plan to conduct a live on our social media, in which we will tell a bit about Easy Care and answer the most important questions. We invite you to participate – follow us on our social media and join the live.