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Euromilk – breakthrough system designed for the automatic feeding of dairy cattle


EM QUBE to przełomowy system przeznaczony do automatycznego żywienia bydła mlecznego paszą TMR. Urządzenie zdecydowanie przewyższa swoją funkcjonalnością dotychczasowe projekty. Jest to pierwszy taki produkt na rynku światowym.

EM QUBE is a breakthrough system designed for the automatic feeding of dairy cattle with TMR feed. The functionality of the device is far superior to existing projects. It is the first such product on the world market.
Precise feeding that takes into account the needs of different nutritional groups is the future of agriculture that can be achieved thanks to the innovative EM QUBE robot.
Frequent feeding with freshly taken fodder increases the herd’s performance. The storage of the necessary raw materials for TMR feed preparation in the feed kitchen reduces for the farmer the time involved in the feed preparation process. The EM QUBE feed kitchen only needs to be refilled once every few days

EM QUBE is a fully electric device which saves labour costs and takes care of the environment. The fully automatic device is controlled by a computer or a smartphone. The intelligent robot management system allows the herd to be divided into many food groups with independent nutritional recipes and departure strategies. The robot loads, mixes and distributes coarse and concentrated feed according to a strictly defined recipe.

The device consists of three perfectly cooperating subsystems: self-propelled feed car, loading tower and management system.

The feed car is equipped with a basket with a volume of about 2 m3 with an electrically driven auger. Cutting and mixing of fodder takes place while it is being taken from warehouses, which allows to optimize the time of its preparation.

The loading tower is equipped with a cutter that takes the fodder from every possible storage method: bales, cubes, piles. In addition, it charges the robot’s batteries when connected to it, so there is no need to install a charging station and no additional time is needed to charge the robot. Loading the feed and charging the batteries is done simultaneously!

The robot management system is simple and intuitive and also contains all the necessary elements for the proper management of your herd.

The compact design of the device eliminates the need for wide aisles or high passages. In traditional feeding systems, animals move food away from each other, which places the food at some point out of their reach. The EM QUBE eliminates this problem by continuously shifting the feed to the feed fence with each pass thanks to its perfectly contoured chassis.

The new EUROMILK robot is also an ideal proposition for farms with more than 200 cows – one loading tower can work with two EM QUBE robots. It’s an extremely simple concept: while one device feeds the animals, the other robot works with the loading cutter and prepares the food. After some time, a change takes place and the empty feed wagon is connected to the module while the one with the prepared food feeds the animals.