EuroSkills 2020 – practices and preparations for the competition


In the last week of January, the winners of the 8th edition of the Young Mechanic Medal Medal competition completed their internships, which were the prize in this year’s edition of the competition. Due to the fact that the winners are candidates for this year’s EuroSkills competition, which will take place in September in Austria, the apprenticeship was at the same time a training course on the use of Poettinger machines, which is a partner of this year’s EuroSkills competition.

It is on machines including of this brand, participants in competitions in Austria will perform competition tasks.

Thanks to the help of the Polish representative of the Poettinger brand, young agricultural mechanics and agrotronics adepts could learn about the construction, operating principles and operation of the Aeros 3002 ADD seed drill and the Impress 155 VC PRO baler wrapper.

During the training, its participants became acquainted with the procedures for preparing the seeder for sowing cereals and corn, regulating and checking sown seed doses. They had to remember much more during the training course on operating the baler wrapper, because this machine has definitely more developed electrical and hydraulic systems that require calibration before starting work. In addition, the user of this machine can adjust the age, for example: bale size, degree of crushing, number of wraps in the net and foil, and even the method of transferring the bale to the wrapper.

An integral part of each training was familiarization with diagnostic methods that allow detection of damaged circuits and attempts to remove simulated defects.
We would like to thank Agroperfekt and AdlerAgro for their help in implementing trainings and providing services and equipment for the duration of the training.

EuroSkills is an international competition held every two years, whose task is to promote professional skills. It is equivalent to the WorldSkills competition, the last edition of which took place in August 2019 in Kazan. These are the largest events of this type. Both are accompanied by presentations, shows, exhibitions, conferences and industry seminars. The competitions are to encourage young people not only to improve their professional skills, but also to promote the latest solutions in vocational education and training. This is a great opportunity to exchange experiences and make contacts. The most talented students, winners of olympiads and other industry competitions between 18 and 25 years old participate in the EuroSkills competition.

In 2020, in Graz, Austria, Poland will be represented in the heavy machinery service and competition for the first time.

Competitors Miłosz Augustyn, Piotr Bryszak and Marek Wiącek under the supervision of an expert dr inż. Mirosław Czechlowski from the Institute of Biosystem Engineering, University of Life Sciences is already preparing to start in the competition. Only one of them will start in the EuroSkills competition. The selection of the player will be announced in May this year.