Privacy policy

Cookies policy of the website was prepared in conformity with the obligations resulting from the amendment to the act: Telecommunication Law. This amendment – by way of changing, among others, Art. 173 subparagraph 2 – imposes additional informational obligations on entities that operate websites, for whose operation cookies are used.

This cookies policy covers in its scope all the platforms and types of devices. In case of different systems or platforms, the scope of collected cookies may differ.

1. Cookies are small-sized textual files of information, sent by the web server and stored on the user’s side. The information included in cookie files allows for reading of information included in them only by the page that created them. In connection with this fact, the web page does not have any access to other files of the user stored on the computer.

The purpose of application of cookies policy is, among others:

a) creation of statistics that help to understand the behaviour of users, owing to which web page optimizing is possible, aimed at increasing the users’ comfort,
b) maintaining of the Website User’s session after logging in, owing to which it is not necessary to log-in separately on each subpage,
c) performance of specific actions, such as for example, placing an order,
d) measurement of effectiveness of actions performed on the website.

2. In the scope of the website the following kinds of cookie files are applied:

a) cookies “Google Analytics” – statistics for the website,
b) cookies for the purpose of marking that cookies policy was accepted,

3. On the pages of the Website there may be references to other web pages that apply their own privacy policies. We recommend that you should get familiar with each of such policies, since we are not responsible for any principles that may be governing on these websites.

4. Lack of changing of settings of the software used for browsing of the website and its subpages shall be understood – pursuant to Art. 173 subparagraph 2 of the act: Telecommunication Law – as acceptance for applied cookies.

5. In order to change the settings for cookies, the software used for browsing of this web page and its subpages should be configured adequately. Information on software configuration may be obtained by way of using technical assistance for the applied software or by way of contacting its supplier.