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Swimer Agro Tank 22,000 – the lowest tank on the market


A huge success for Swimer was the launch of a 22,000L liquid fertilizer tank. The best recommendation for this product are hundreds of satisfied customers, and their number is still growing.

The durability of the tank was tested personally by Mariusz Pudzianowski, the product ambassador. Swimer Łukasz Otremba is a Polish production company based in Toruń, which has been building a strong position on the domestic and foreign market from the very beginning. Currently, exports cover more than 30 countries around the world.

The company uses the latest production and organizational technologies. It offers a wide range of products, which include, among others diesel oil tanks, AdBlue containers / tanks, water tanks, liquid fertilizer tanks (RSM) or universal containers. SWIMER not only produces tanks, but also designs electronic components for them. The tanks are distinguished by high durability, well-thought-out design and careful finish. They are resistant to damage and do not corrode. The excellent quality of Swimer tanks is confirmed by satisfied customers who recommend them to their friends and return for new products themselves. It is also worth adding that Swimer, among its many awards and distinctions, particularly appreciates the “Teraz Polska” emblem. Swimer offers a series of Swimer Agro Tanks for the storage and distribution of liquid nitrogen fertilizers. The tanks are made of polyethylene by rotational molding and they are resistant to sunlight. One casting, without joints and welds, guarantees durability and tightness. In order to meet the expectations of its customers, the company introduced a single-jacket tank – Swimer Agro Tank 22,000 to the market last year. This capacity is most sought after by farmers, as it allows to optimize the entire tanker supply of 25 tons of liquid fertilizer while leaving free space (over 2000 liters) for diluting the fertilizer directly in the tank. The product is very popular because it is perfect in every respect.

Why do customers choose it so often?

– The lowest on the market – it is the lowest polyethylene tank of this capacity (only

2.80 m high). As a result, no foundation preparation is required, and the operation is easy and pleasant. In addition, the tensile force of the liquid in the tank is low – this is also due to its low height.

– Stable – the height to diameter ratio (2.80 m x 3.40 m) of the tank is designed in a way that ensures its full stability, even when it is empty. The design of the tank is optimal both in terms of production, transport and utility.

– Safe – both loading and unloading of the tank can be done without the use of a ladder, which significantly improves the work comfort of the user.

– It does not require anchoring – the tank, unlike competing products, does not require anchoring to the ground or the use of additional stays. This increases the available area around the tank and gives the possibility of full mobility when you want to move the tank to another place. There are also no additional costs for the foundation of the reservoir. The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty for the tightness of the tank. The tank includes: a 704 mm inspection hatch, an air vent that works automatically and does not allow the generation of over – and underpressure in the tank, mounting holes for the pump unit, mounting hole for the flood joint. The basic equipment is:
a flood pipe with a 2 ” Storz connection, a drain with a 2” Storz connection, a connection kit for the Swimer Agro Tank Multi series.

The durability of the tank has been personally tested by Mariusz Pudzianowski – the Ambassador of this product and at the same time the strongest man in the

The durability of the tank has been personally tested by Mariusz Pudzianowski – the Ambassador of this product and at the same time the strongest man in the world!

Mariusz subjected the tank to six tests, i.e .:

  1. Tank stability,
  2. Roof strength,
  3. Dropping bales and logs,
  4. Pushing and hitting,
  5. Lifting by the valve,
  6. Checking the tightness of the tank.

The results of each of them can be viewed on the web. We encourage you to subscribe to the Swimer YouTube channel. We also invite you to visit the website www.swimer.pl, where you can see the comprehensive offer of the company.