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About the Chamber

Polish Chamber of Commerce of Agricultural Machines and Facilities is the apolitical, independent and self-financing organisation of industrial self-government representing a sector.

“Big can do more” – is a motto of companies that in 1998 decided to establish the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Agricultural Machines and Facilities. This motto is still valid, and the Chamber remains an important voice in the sector, taking care of its interests.

Currently, more than 152 companies from the sector are the members of the Chamber, classified as regular and special members. The largest Polish producers and distributors of machines and representatives of the global brands of agricultural machines and appliances belong to it.

The Chamber is an organisation covering whole Poland, as only an organisation of this type can act effectively and influence the economic situation in Poland. The main objective of PIGMIUR is improving conditions in which companies from the agricultural machines and appliances sector operate.

Chamber objectives and tasks:

  • integration of companies in the sector
  • representation of common interests
  • exchange of ideas and experience
  • coordination of activities of companies belonging to the Chamber
  • cooperation with institutions associated with the agricultural sector, and with schools and universities
  • organisation of specialist trainings, seminars and conferences
  • promoting companies from the sector, including organisation of agricultural exhibitions

First founding meeting in Toruń with statutes approved by the founders

The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Importers of the Agricultural Machines and Facilities is registered at the District Court in Toruń

The Chamber joins the National Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber changes its name to the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities

The first Agricultural Exhibition Green AGRO SHOW is organised

The Chamber opens its new office at Poznańska 118 in Toruń

The Chamber initiates a cooperation with the organisation CLIMMAR

The Chamber organises the international CLIMMAR congress in Krakow

The Chamber organises the first indoor Exhibition Agricultural Machines Mazurskie AGRO SHOW

Publication of the book "Agrotronic systems" - the first comprehensive study on agrotronics in agriculture addressed to high school and college students