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Non-stop since 1999

The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Agricultural Machines and Facilities is the apolitical, independent and self-financing organisation of industrial self-government representing a sector.

We are an organisation covering whole Poland, as only an organisation of this type can act effectively and influence the economic situation in Poland.

Member companies
*Business activity data only companies operating in Poland in 2018.

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Improve your work efficiency - start with the Sword band saw.

Manufacturers of agricultural machinery, trying to cope with growing market declines, are constantly focusing their activities on new ways of improving efficiency, which may involve searching for savings. One of the key steps in increasing efficiency is investing in high-quality metal processing tools - such as a band saw - and correct work with the new tool, which I will describe below. SWORD comes to help you properly use the new tool.

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HORPOL celebrates its 45th anniversary!

HORPOL (“HOR” derives from the name of the company founder, HORECZY, and “POL” designates the Polish producer) is a company with family traditions, which for 45 years have been designing and manufacturing high quality lights for the automotive sector. In 2024, HORPOL is celebrating its jubilee, joining the group of companies that for over four decades have been incessantly significantly contributing to building of an innovative Polish family brand.

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