EuroSkills 2020 – practices and preparations for the competition

In the last week of January, the winners of the 8th edition of the Young Mechanic Medal Medal competition completed their internships, which were the prize in this year’s edition of the competition. Due to the fact that the winners are candidates for this year’s EuroSkills competition, which will take place in September in Austria, the apprenticeship was at the same time a training course on the use of Poettinger machines, which is a partner of this year’s EuroSkills competition.

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EuroSkills 2020 – first meeting of experts

On December 5, the first meeting of partners, experts and trainers who are involved in the next edition of the Euroskills competition took place at the headquarters of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System.

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Presentation of the book “Agrotronic Systems”

We would like to thank John Deere for the invitation to a workshop with teachers that took place on November 28 and the opportunity to present the Chamber’s activities, but above all the book “Agrotronic Systems”. 130 teachers from all over Poland took part in the meeting and the book was presented by its authors: Adam Ekielski and Karol Wesołowski.

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Index of expectations with no changes

The survey of expectations in the agricultural industry in Poland was conducted by the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Agricultural Machines and Facilities at the turn of September and October 2019.

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