What's New

In 2021, Agrihandler initiated cooperation with Naio Technologies, a French manufacturer of machines


For 11 years, this start-up from Tolouse have been developing, designing and selling autonomous robots for the agriculture in a close cooperation with farmers. The main task of these devices is to solve the problem of shortage of workers at farms, reducing onerousness of physical effort, and limiting the use of chemical weed killing formulations.

For the agricultural robot, autonomy means a possibility for leaving it on its own in the field, so it can handle repeatable and monotonous work that is particularly onerous for people, like weeding or sowing.

Currently, Naio Technologies has four autonomous robots in its range.

OZ – (designated for cultivation of vegetables, herbs, in nurseries, etc. – cultivated in a field or under covers)

DINO – (designated for owners of large scale vegetable farming areas)

TED – (designated for work at vineyards)

The latest device from the Naio company is Orio robot. It astonishes both with its functionality, and its dimensions. It can work for up to 10 hours on one charge and replace the work of several dozen men. With the extensive range of its accessories, it can be used not only to cultivate vegetables, but also in nurseries or field crops.  The technology applied in it enables it to work independently within a designated area without being controlled by an operator. Naio Technologies presented its latest achievement at its offices. There, Orio agility, functionality and compatibility with farming equipment available in the market could be observed.

In June 2022, Agrihandler was the first company in Europe to receive the Orio robot which was made available for numerous presentations, and it could be seen at the greatest events and fairs in this sector. Numerous discussions and tests with customers interested in anonymous robots resulted in the sale of the ORIO Robot to the State Forests. Our company was the first in the world to sell this equipment to the Podanin Forest District. The machine will work in a nursery, together with weeding machines, planters, a fertiliser spreader and other tools.