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Maschio-Gaspardo – new solutions at AGRO SHOW


TORO ISOTRONIC introduces a new generation of electronically-controlled rotary harrows. Equipped with the ISOBUS system, it represents one of the most important innovations of MASCHIO GASPARDO. Created to meet the needs of new generations of high power tractors, it is based on evolution of the TORO RAPIDO PLUS model, with multiple mechanical, structural, and electronic innovations that make it a unique element of equipment in the market.

With the ISOBUS communication between the rotary harrow and the tractor, all operating parameters and hydraulic control can be simply displayed on the interface of the control monitor.

  • Control of the power demand
  • Gearbox temperature control
  • Hydraulic system operation control
  • Monitoring of the Cardan position
  • Monitoring of the jointed shaft
  • Skid
  • Monitoring of the shaft eccentricity

Universal cultivation and sowing combination OPERA 600

Opera 600 is a universal seed drill designed by MASCHIO GASPARDO for sowing of several seeds.  The machine has three independently controlled sections – a disc harrow, a tyre packer roller, and the X-FORCE sowing section. It is an excellent combination of cultivation, sowing and fertilisation during one pass. The Opera 600 seed drill allows to reduce costs and shorten working time. With Opera 600, the time needed for field operations can be significantly reduced, while its efficiency is increased in relation to narrow weather windows. OPERA 600 was designed to operate both on the soil prepared in a conventional way, as well as in the minimal tillage system.

the use of a disc harrow, and disc fertilising and sowing shoes enables optimum operation also in the soil with a significant content of post-harvest residues. The use of shock absorbing systems enables separate operation of individual systems.


A multi-functional compact CHRONO 500 is a new machine from MASCHIO GASPARDO, expanding its range of precision seed drills for fast sowing. It is created for work at speeds of 15 km/h and higher, and ensures the best precision of sowing in any conditions, both into tilled soil and by direct drilling. It is available with a frame with a fixed or adjustable setting; Chrono 508 available with 8 rows with a spacing of 75 or 70 cm, and Chrono 512 with 12 elements, with a row spacing of 45 or 50 cm, with an option to reset them to eight rows with a spacing of 75 cm.