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New Holland increases the power of its compact tractor with the launch of the Boomer Stage V tractor series


From 2021, the New Holland Agriculture brand has included a new series of Stage V compliant Boomer tractors, offering improved performance while maintaining a compact size. The new functions ensure better tractor performance and greater operator comfort.

The Boomer series is a perfect combination of ease of use, efficiency and comfort of work in a compact version. It offers customers a large selection of models to cover a wide range of applications requiring the highest versatility and maneuverability in a small tractor – from landscape gardening to golf course maintenance, from hobby or part-time farmers to homeowners, from horticulture and greenhouse crops to vineyards. and orchards. The new Stage V series offers improved performance and efficiency, as well as significant benefits for the operator, with a wider choice of models available in a highly comfortable cab.

Extended product range and new models

The Boomer series has been extended with two new class 3 models: Boomer 45 with 47 HP and Boomer 55 with 57 HP, covering the power segment up to 60 HP. The range of new powers further enhances the versatility of Boomer tractors, as they can more easily handle the most demanding tasks typical of this range of machines – from mowing to transport and other work such as light tillage work and street sweeping and snow removal.

Modele Boomer 25 C Boomer 25 Boomer 35 Boomer 40 Boomer 45 Boomer 50 Boomer 55
Klasa 0,5 1 2 2 3 3 3
KM 24 24 35 40 47 52 57
Wersja ROPS ROPS ROPS/Kabina ROPS/Kabina ROPS/Kabina ROPS/Kabina ROPS/Kabina


The new cabin in the two series, class 2 and 3, offers the highest level of comfort

All Class 2 and Class 3 models are now available with the outstanding comfort Boomer Suite ™ cab, offering excellent visibility and ergonomic controls. The revamped dashboard features a new dashboard LCD speedometer for easy operation.


The new Boomer series also increases the comfort of work and reduces operator fatigue with numerous functions. Models with hydrostatic transmission also include standard cruise control. Class 3 models equipped with this transmission also offer the new Servo Hydraulic Assist as an option, minimizing the effort required to operate the accelerator pedal.

Greater efficiency and production capacity in the same compact packaging

Models with hydrostatic transmission are now available with the EZ Speed ​​function, which coordinates the hydrostatic forward pedal with engine speed for greater efficiency and versatility. When the operator activates the function and the hand throttle is in the lower position, the engine accelerates when the hydrostatic pedal is depressed. This ensures the correct engine speed and the correct driving speed is available, when necessary. This feature is very useful in applications where, for example, the operator wants to keep the noise level low when the tractor is stopped and only increase the engine speed when the tractor starts to move. The function can also be disabled, allowing the operator to independently control the hand throttle lever and the hydrostatic pedal in PTO applications requiring a specific engine RPM to be maintained to provide the required PTO speed.

Easily activated by a switch, the new AUTO PTO function automatically disengages the PTO when the automatic linkage is raised and re-engages when the linkage is lowered. This solution not only increases the comfort of work and reduces operator fatigue, it also speeds up the work of the frequent lifting and lowering of the rear linkage, which translates into higher productivity.

The new 3-cylinder turbocharged engines feature Common Rail direct injection technology, delivering very high performance and an impressive reserve of torque reaching 188 Nm at 1600 rpm on the top model of the Boomer 55 series. The larger radiator and cooling fan further increase the engine working efficiency. The exhaust gas recirculation system features a new generation exhaust aftertreatment system including a DOC oxidation catalyst and a diesel particulate filter. The engine and exhaust gas recirculation together meet Stage V requirements for outstanding fuel economy.

The new Boomer series also introduces numerous fuel-saving features, such as the availability of the 540E PTO speed setting on Class 3 models, ensuring the PTO speed never exceeds target RPM by more than 10%, resulting in low consumption fuel.

The high versatility of the Boomer series in all applications is supported by a wide selection of tires, including agricultural, industrial and wide grass low pressure tires.