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QR codes on Manitou machines – Innovations at the customer’s service


For years, machine companies have been racing each other in improving both capacity and performance of the products, but also, and possibly first of all, in increasing standards of safety and comfort of work. Manitou requires particular attention in this respect, as it was the first company to introduce unique QR codes into the market. What are they used for, and what are their benefits for operators of machines under this French brand? You can learn from the article below.

The modern customer is a customer who is used to comfort. We want to have within our reach all materials required for operation, supplied in an intuitive, interesting, clear, and legible way. We want to act quickly, achieving the best results possible with relatively little work. A need to consult a manual or a specialist is definitely an obstacle in this area. However, there is a simple solution! With QR codes, within a few seconds we have available all we need to know about the machine operation, basic maintenance, technical data, spare parts, and accessories.
In simple terms, a QR code is a square-shaped bar code containing a link to a website or an application. How does it work? Just direct your smartphone in the camera mode onto the code (in Manitou machines, it is placed on the door), and after a few seconds a link to the website appears on the screen. After clicking on it, we have access to a specially prepared panel with all information about the machine crucial for its operator/owner. The application is available in nine languages, including Polish, and this facilitates the use of prepared materials even further.
‘The technology moves on, and customers’ needs follow it. Nobody wants to spend time with an operating manual, while their work is left undone, especially in high season. For this reason, our company introduced QR codes, unique for each machine. From now on, using a smartphone every customer can view tutorial videos on machine start-up, safety, maintenance and basic repairs, operating manual, a guide to parts and accessories, and a technical data sheet of their machine at any time. A tiny sticker on a door – and such a great facilitation in a daily work!’ says Weronika Mincberg, Marketing Manager at Manitou Polska.
Manitou does not intend to stop at the currently available materials, and in the future plans to add to the platform additional functionalities available after scanning the code – to meet the needs of the increasingly larger group of younger users of its machines. You can scan an example of the code, for machine ULM 415 H, to get acquainted with the application.

A video about QR codes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnxcEr0fVeI