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“Rolnictwo Przyszłości” (Agriculture of the Future) – a new brand in the publishing market


On 1 April 2023, a new publishing group, “Rolnictwo Przyszłości”, was launched at the Łukasiewicz – Poznań Institute of Technology. It consists of a business journal and a portal (https://rolnictwo-przyszlosci.pl/), where the latest information on solutions in the agricultural and food sector can be found.

“Rolnictwo Przyszłości” is an answer to a need to promote agriculture as a modern and robustly changing sector. The content is designated for executive and managerial personnel of companies from the agricultural and food sector, agricultural producers, and pupils at vocational schools and university students (not only faculties associated with agricultural sciences).

The mission of “Rolnictwa Przyszłości” is to present the latest trends and achievements that shape the future of the sector. Publications in the magazine and on the portal include events, news, case studies, articles, interviews, and comments created by experts. Their subjects include aspects such as sustainable, organic and precision agriculture, digital transformation, automation and robotics, waste recycling, and the latest projects and implementations in the agriculture based on AI.

Visit the portal https://rolnictwo-przyszlosci.pl/ regularly, and read successive numbers of the journal “Rolnictwo Przyszłości”. The editorial team of the quarterly is also looking forward to cooperating with you, offering a possibility to publish interviews, sponsored articles, or advertisements. Just write to redakcja@rolnictwo-przyszlosci.pl.