Sales of tractors and trailers in Poland in 2023


In 2023, 11,727 new tractors and 8,096 new agricultural trailers were registered in Poland.

Registrations of tractors.

Throughout 2022, 11,727 new tractors were registered. As expected, this is a worse result than in 2021. At that time, over 14,000 of new tractors were registered. Decrease in registration compared to the previous year is 2,451 units and 17.3%. In December, 1,115 new tractors were registered and it was the fourth result this year after March, July and September.

NRegistrations of trailers.

In 2022, 8,096 new agricultural trailers were registered. This is 559 units less than a year earlier, which means a decrease by 6.5%. In December, 536 units were registered and it was a better result than a month ago, but worse than in December 2021 by 126 pcs.


From the very beginning of the year, it was clear that this would be a worse period. When it comes to tractor registrations, after the first quarter of this year we recorded 5% fewer registrations than in the same period of 2021, after half a year it was a decrease by over 13%, the year 2022 ended with a result over 17% worse than the previous year. However, it must be remembered that 2021, despite the pandemic, was relatively good for the industry. More than 14,000 tractors were registered in total. Previously, a comparable result was recorded in 2014. So this year’s registration level, which is 11,727 units, is still a pretty good result.

However, the decreases are a fact, which can also be seen from the category of agricultural trailers, where the number of registrations at the end of the year was 6.5% lower than in 2021.

The crisis that affects us is also knocking on the door of the agricultural machinery and equipment industry. We hear from entrepreneurs about a much smaller number of orders for machines for subsequent periods. The future is a big question mark, which can be seen in the research conducted by our Chamber at the turn of October and November this year.