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With European homologation into new markets


Today, Meprozet Kościan S.A., the company celebrating this year the 50th anniversary of slurry tanks production, is definitely an important player in the Polish and European markets for this group of machines.

The company has been expanding its range in typical agricultural solutions. and the municipal sector is the other important area of company operations, as it is proven by new members of the Kościan S.A. Management Board appointed several weeks ago. The opening balance of the company at the turn of the 3rd quarter is discussed by: Paweł Suchorski, President, and Piotr Wrześniak, Vice-President of the Meprozet Kościan S.A. Management Board.

At the beginning of September this year, you joined the Meprozet Kościan S.A. Management Board. So please, could you tell me, which main aims are you going to pursue?

Paweł Suchorski: For many years, Meprozet Kościan S.A. has developed very well, so we want to maintain, or even strengthen that trend. We are also thinking about intensifying our activities in foreign markets, mainly in Central and Western Europe, as well as in Baltic States. It is possible, with the recently received European homologation, required in the entire EU. We are also seeking opportunities for entering markets outside Europe. We will also promote our modern technological solutions, the example of which the Rexager model recently added to our range.

Talking about your company, please, could you briefly present the most important information about its production?

PS: We employ over 100 employees, including highly qualified design engineers and designers of devices, as well as an experienced group of specialists at the production department, which for years have been manufacturing products of the highest quality.  Recently, a modern paintbooth with a shot-blasting section was constructed, and additional equipment was added to the pool of production machines, including a welding robot. We invest in an improved ergonomics of production processes. We also face challenges associated with generally understood digitalisation of technological, design, and company management processes. Furthermore, our thermomodernisation projects, including those associated with photovoltaics, are in progress.

Piotr Wrześniak: Year over year, our production increases; the agricultural market wants machines more advanced technologically, larger, of improved efficiency, and we are fulfilling those expectations. And to our customers from the municipal services sector we offer equipment increasingly technologically advanced.

(the whole interview is available in atr express 21/2023)